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Vyvanse Abuse

Vyvanse abuse has become very rampant in recent times. There are people who do this intentionally while others do it unintentionally. Either way, this abuse is very serious and at times can be fatal. In addition, this abuse can be habit forming meaning that, you can easily become an addict if you use it for a long period of time or if you use it wrongly. Continue reading

What Is Vyvanse?

What Is Vyvanse? Vyvanse is an active drug that is used to help take care of attention deficit disorder in children or adult people. The drug is a psycho stimulant in that it affects the chemicals in....
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Vyvanse Abuse Signs

Vyvanse Abuse Signs If you find yourself experiencing any of the Vyvanse abuse signs then you need to get help immediately. You have to get a professional to help you. Going on with this abuse can pu....
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Vyvanse Abuse Treatment

Vyvanse Abuse Treatment When a person is abusing Vyvanse, he or she may experience many problems, both physical and mental. The abuse of Vyvanse may start as a prescription problem; a person may....
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