Benefits of Getting Vyvanse Withdrawal Treatment

Vyvanse withdrawal can be more difficult than people realize. Because Vyvanse, as a prescription stimulant, does not cause the obvious physical side effects that other drugs cause (like alcohol and heroin), many people believe that the withdrawal syndrome is not dangerous. But it absolutely can be, and there are many benefits to getting Vyvanse withdrawal treatment.

Dangers of Vyvanse Withdrawal

According to the NLM, “You may develop severe depression and extreme tiredness if you suddenly stop taking lisdexamfetamine [brand name Vyvanse] after overusing it.” Because of this, many individuals going through Vyvanse withdrawal are at risk for suicide and other harmful actions. Vyvanse abuse can even lead to a kind of psychosis where the individual hallucinates, becomes extremely paranoid, and very aggressive. This can continue into withdrawal as well.

Because Vyvanse withdrawal is dangerous, getting withdrawal treatment can help make it less so and keep individuals from doing something they would regret. Withdrawal treatment will help Vyvanse abusers be able to go through withdrawal more easily and deal with their abuse and addictions as well.


vyvanse abuse

Getting withdrawal treatment can greatly help you get on the road to recovery.

There is a possibility that you could receive medication in Vyvanse withdrawal treatment in order to curb your stronger withdrawal symptoms. For example, if you experience extreme depression, you may be put on antidepressants or another medication in order to lessen these effects. This could be very beneficial for many individuals and could help them through withdrawal more quickly and in a way that is much safer.

There is no official medication used to treat Vyvanse withdrawal, or withdrawal from any stimulant, but withdrawal from Vyvanse can be difficult and the possible medications given in treatment can be helpful.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapy is the most commonly used treatment for prescription stimulant abuse. When you are in Vyvanse withdrawal treatment, you will likely be introduced to cognitive-behavioral therapy or another type of behavioral treatment that will help ease you into addiction treatment for Vyvanse. It will help you look at your abuse of the drug in a new way, fight cravings, and recognize triggers.

Therapy sessions can also help with the depression, anxiety, apathy, and other issues you will likely be experiencing as a result of Vyvanse withdrawal. When attending Vyvanse withdrawal, this can be highly beneficial as these issues can often be ignored and cause more issues to surface. This way, you will receive help for your worst withdrawal symptoms instead of trying to bottle them up or ignore them.

Abstinence from Vyvanse

In Vyvanse withdrawal treatment, you will be able to detox from your Vyvanse abuse and to get away from the drug itself. According to SAMHSA, “The most effective means of treating stimulant withdrawal involves establishing a period of abstinence from these agents.” While medications and behavioral therapy can be extremely helpful, just getting away from the temptation of Vyvanse is important.

A person is also more likely to stay abstinent from the drug if they are not dealing with the daily stressors of life. In Vyvanse withdrawal treatment, you can get away from these issues as well and focus on your recovery.

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