Tips for Finding Vyvanse Addiction Help and Treatment

Finding Vyvanse addiction help and treatment can be easier than you might have thought. When you become addicted to a drug, it can seem like you’re drowning, and seeking treatment can often be one of the harder steps. But if you consider all the possibilities for help that you may have, fighting Vyvanse addiction can get easier.

Your Doctor

vyvanse dependence

With the right help and support you can overcome an addiction to Vyvanse.

Your family doctor is one of the first people to consult when you have be abusing Vyvanse. In many cases, doctors prescribe the medication to their patients to treat ADHD. If you have built up a tolerance to the drug causing you to do more Vyvanse in order to feel its effects, this is one of the signs of addiction. Your doctor, after speaking with you, will likely “decrease your dose gradually and monitor you carefully during this time,” according to the NLM. This will help curb or lessen some of the severe withdrawal symptoms like depression or fatigue. Your doctor can also recommend treatment facilities and other helpful suggestions that will ease your recovery.

Your Friends and Family

Telling your friends and family what you are going through is an important step. It may be embarrassing or uncomfortable, but you will be encouraged by professionals who work with you during treatment to talk about your addiction. Family and friends will want to see you get better and can provide:

  • Support before, during, and after your formal treatment
  • A reminder of why you are seeking help
  • Ties to your old self before you began abusing Vyvanse
  • Help with researching possible treatment facilities and treatment plans

Discussing your addiction with those closest to you may make it easier to fight your symptoms and cravings because they will want to see you improve and will give you strength when you may feel you have none. They can also be another form of surveillance, as those who are going through withdrawal shouldn’t be left alone for very long.

Treatment Facilities

Treatment facilities are often necessary to those going through addiction recovery, especially if their addictions are severe. You might find that you do not need to check into a treatment facility, but if you do, you will receive tips on how to fight cravings and relapse and an examination of what emotions and issues may have led to your addiction. The use of medication and therapy together is very helpful toward recovery from addiction, and because of Vyvanse addiction’s strong cravings and withdrawal symptom of depression, this could be a necessary treatment for you. Visit SAMHSA‘s facility locator to find a treatment facility that fits your needs.


Many groups for drug addiction exist in today’s society. The best part is that there are so many options which cater to the needs of the members. There are online addiction help groups, groups that meet once a week, and groups that provide buddy systems and sponsors to those who do not have strong support systems at home. You can find help at one of these groups which exist almost anywhere and are usually free. Visit your local community center or do some research online to find a group that will most benefit you.

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