Vyvanse Abuse Side Effects

Vyvanse Abuse Side Effects

Vyvanse is a drug that is used to treat a disease known as ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The disease is characterized by hyperactive or inattentive disorders. Children with ADHD may experience poor listening habits, the inability to involve themselves in activities that require continuous use of mental facilities, easily forget things, suffer from attention deficit for long periods and perform poorly at organization activities. Adults may also suffer from this disease.

When an adult is diagnosed with the disease, he or she exhibits signs of squirming behavior, the inability to run or to climb correctly and also intrusive behavior such as blurting answers or the inability to wait for their turn to do anything. The drug is administered to patients to act as a central nervous system stimulant. This means that it will help the patient coordinate their activities more and will reduce hyperactivity.

When Vyvanse is prescribed to individuals, some of them may use the drugs for other non-medical reasons other than those they were prescribed for. This type of use of the drug amounts to abuse. Since the drug is a central nervous system stimulant, it will cause the user many problems.

The common side effects of abuse of Vyvanse are usually not very severe. They include a dry mouth, loss of appetite, and severe headaches, which never seem to go away. The person may also experience sleeping problems; this essentially translates to lack of sleeping at night and heavy sleeping during the day. The person also becomes increasingly agitated and irritable. This means that they may develop sudden onslaughts of violent behavior or panic.

Vyvanse Abuse Side Effects

The person may also develop an addiction to the drug. Since the side effects may lead to withdrawal, they prefer to douse themselves with the drug rather than face the withdrawal symptoms from Vyvanse abuse which are usually very harsh.

The drug can cause psychological problems. This essentially means that the user will not be able to coordinate activities that require full use of the brain. Initially, Vyvanse abuse will also lead to hallucinations which may be either auditory or visual.

Auditory hallucinations involve the user hearing things that are not there. Visual hallucinations involve seeing things that are not there. This may cause the person to develop phobias and they may become more dependent on Vyvanse to stave off these effects of the Vyvanse abuse. The abuser may also experience a worsening of the previous condition for which they were being treated and they may develop even more severe complications. Some people may also become over-excited.

When the drug is abused, it leads to many adverse side effects in the user. The first place the drug attacks when abused for a long time is the heart. For people who may have heart problems, the drug may cause the onset of a heart attack, which may be fatal if not properly taken care of.

The drug restricts the flow of blood to the heart, which can lead to high blood pressure as well as an increased heart rate. Habitual use may lead to problems with an individual’s sexual function and they may even lose their sex drive completely.

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