Vyvanse Abuse Treatment

Vyvanse Abuse Treatment

When a person is abusing Vyvanse, he or she may experience many problems, both physical and mental. The abuse of Vyvanse may start as a prescription problem; a person may gradually increase his or her dosages as the body builds up a tolerance for the drug. With time, it becomes almost impossible to stop the addiction by oneself.

When you try to stop it you experience severe Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms and abusers find that they have to go back to the drug to stay off these symptoms. To stop drug abuse completely, a conscious decision must be made by the addict him or herself to stop the abuse. When another person makes that decision on behalf of the abuser, the abuser may end up relapsing and becoming even more hooked on the drug after the treatment is over.

There are several places and treatment programs where an addict can choose to seek treatment after they make the decision to be treated. The 5 treatments of Vyvanse abuse that are available in the country are outlined below.

Vyvanse Abuse Treatment

Rapid detoxification: This is one of the simplest and most pain free of the five treatments for Vyvanse abuse. The rapid detox program is conducted in a hospital setting. The patient is first assessed to ascertain their suitability for the program. The requirements of this procedure include that there by no internal injuries to any of the organs of the person. Once they are considered safe, the person is taken to an intensive care unit where they are flushed with the chemicals that will remove the toxins of the drug from the body.

Inpatient treatment program – An inpatient treatment program involves the patient being taken to a treatment facility and being retained for a period usually ranging from one to six months. In these facilities, everything is catered for and the patient concentrates solely on getting better without external influence. The treatment involves detoxification followed by counseling sessions.

Outpatient treatment programs – This is a type of program where the patient undergoes treatment while operating from home. It is particularly effective because the patient has to take a big stake in getting well. They will be faced with the same triggers for the abuse and they will learn how to avoid them without external help. An abuser will go to therapy and treatment sessions at least once a day but mostly they will be at home.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy – This process is highly effective for people who are not that far gone in drug abuse. The person visits a counselor who helps them to identify the triggers for their drug abuse problem. The counselor will then help the abuser to form a negative perception of the drug abuse and teaches him or her how to avoid such trigger mechanisms in order to stay clean. The whole process can take a long time.

Group Therapy Sessions – This is one of the most effective of the five treatment programs. The person joins a group of people who have similar problems to them, that is people who have a problem with abusing Vyvanse as a drug. The group therapy sessions may be conducted once a day or weekly or monthly depending on the level of abuse.

When a person identifies with other people in the same predicament, it increases the motivation to work hard and stop the problem. The recovering abuser is also paired with a sponsor who will monitor progress and help where necessary.

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